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Anonymour Florishes from Vienna for 4 Trumpets and Kettledrums ad lib., Arr. F. Anzenberger


In the music division of the Austrian National Library in Viennna there are two unpublished florished called "Aufzuege" for four natural trumpets and kettledrums. The parts are called "Clarino Primo", "Clarino Secundo", "Clarino Principalo", "Togatto" and "Tympano" and they are obviously from the second half of the 18th century.

The composer of these florishes is unknown; only the name of the copyist is given on the title page: "Wienklar" from "Schwadorf" (a village near Vienna in Austria).

Short florishes are frequently demanded to perform from trumpet players. This edition publishes the "Aufzuege" for the first time (with a kettledrum part ad libitum) and gives us an interesting enrichment to this repertory. The florishes can be played either with trumpets in C or with trumpets in Bb; two corresponding kettledrum parts are provided.

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