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Original literature for three or four brass players

Many of the editions of our Austrian private publishing house (in German: "Eigenverlag") are assigned for the use in Austrian music education, especially in music schools, for band education etc.

But in the series "Brass Original there are also interesting original compositions from the 18th and 19th century, valuable for brass players abroad. These music pieces were unpublished or not available in a contemporary edition.

FLORISHES for 4 Trumpets in Bb (1905) by Josef Bayer, first edition (Euro 11,90 excl. handling and mail charges) Preface (excerpt) / music example

6 FLORISHES FOR 4 Trompeten (kettledrums ad lib.) by Johann August Dürrnberger, first edition after more than 150 years (Euro 11,90 excl. handling and mail charges) Preface

MARCHES and QUICKSTEPS for 3 Trumpets (ca. 1799) by J. Hyde, first edition after 200 years! (Euro 12,80 excl. handling and mail +charges) Preface (excerpt) / music example

ANONYMUS FLORISHES FROM VIENNA for 4 Trumpets (kettledrums ad lib.), first edition (Euro 10,90 excl. handling and mail charges) Preface

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